Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haaaaalllowww ! Tuan punya blogg sampai suda. HOHO ! 2 ari suda maw buka blogg , but i was busy toh , so nda dapat laa maw conteng2 . ngee ~ but , I'm here now . em , ada cerr nie taw maw share2 siiiikit . :)) Ukie2 ~ I start with .....

2 days ago , my friend ( c Phenn ) kasi buat me sumthingg yang made me really2 tdiam n sinyum2 sndri tinguk itu paper . I was doing my Addmath bhaa that , then she gave me a yellow sticky note. I thought she just conteng2 on that paper . Sekali tu , I take a look and then BOOM ! tebuncal juak la mata tinguk . mesti y'all wonderingg what did she wrote on that sticky notes . ngeheheheheheh~

HEHE! made me :) . AMIN YA RABB ~

Still , i tried to struggle in my chemistry n addmath subject . Focus yuanna.... focus... ~ Kemarin , urang trima result SPM . ada yang happy smpai nanges . Aku pn angan2 skijap if aku dapat result gitu . But , yang bikin ijap when some of the student failed. Insaf skijap , maw study berabes kulingg. nerhh , caya aku .. nda sampai sehari ilang suda tuu . -,- (pamalas kau nie..ehe !) Aku study bhaa d umahh . ingat g ada aku ceta ama kamu yg Mr. A pnah jln ama me d KK ? so , we entered a give shop .Then , i saw a cute graduation patungg , i picked that patung then pigi counter trus bayar . Untuk semnagat SPM bhaa niee. hoho~ time study tinguk bnda nie , semangat derr! chaiyou2 ! ^^

ini la patung tuu~ :)
Plan isuk ....
Maw pigi Yoyo ama Mr.A , c Phenn n c paci muda tuu ( mael) . :P maw blnja durg minum sana .
Hehe ! then bawa niee precious lolipoooop ~ kiut bhaa . cam kesian maw makan. huhu !~ swuh c endey makan if dia pandai . ^^ ddy kasi beli aritu , but i haven't eat yet . Sharingg laa sama c Mr.A niee . There's a saying , "SHARING IS CARING DERKK ! " :))

aku kiut ka atau kamu tingu tu lolipop? XD

kita tinguk laa what happen tomollow yaa. InsyAllah teda pkara yg tida diingini berlaku. HOHO ! bhaa , jumpa g nanty on the next page yaa! k duh!

--- اسلامو عليكم ---

Saturday, March 17, 2012

knock~ knock~ on the screen . Hey guys. Seriously , i'm totally bored right now derr. Nothing to say . Oyaa! ada bhaa . About my school HOLIDAY . Nda juga sucks . nda juga best . :/

Before cuti excited sangat la maw cuti , but everything's change when i finished my tuition class. Haizzz~ confused sbb maw p KK tau nda. Last2 , nda jadik pigi . Teda mood suda . == jadi lah HOME ALONE . fuhh~ yes , staying at home mimang buringg . So , decided p tulung d kadai ninik Lucy . (tolong ka atau .... hoooohh~ ups ! )

Since my adi angkat c Aen , Anie aisyah taw that me tlg2 d k
dai ninik , they went there n we met . :)) excited itu adi2 angkat jumpa me . HOHO ! guudaa~ n of course my Mr.A tida tinggal. ^^ (Kamurangg nie . jumpa ramai2 bhaa kami tuu . :P )

Cuti niee pun maw abes suda . Tinggal satu hari g. fuh! bagus la. Malas maw cuti cuz SPM just around the corner derr. No more main2 . and , also i'm focusing on my driving license course . Tida lama lagi tuu , mintapuji seja me bawa keta teda lesen . Then , kana petpotpetpot oleh Mr.A , mumy .. dady ? emm, c ddy nda juga bising.. but salu bagi advices 'JANGAN DRIVING TANPA LICENSE '. But , me salu careful laa bwa keta . ngee ~ jajal baini ! xD

>>My car will be on May . :))
Semester one examination will be held on this May , so guys . I need you to pray for me k ! Wish me L.U.C.K ah ! Love you guys ! :))

So , this is the summary about my stupid holiday (mcm worst nightmare oo . O.0 ).........
Like i told you before , tida tlampau menarik , excited , tida tlmpau boringg , lame . huuuhhh~ Syukur , teda benda2 yg tida bagus blaku tem cuti niee . Alhamdulilah sihat n segala urusan belajar ngan lancar . K ! If ada story2 yg siuk , i promise that i'll write again ! daaaaa~
--- اسلامو عليكم ---

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

its already been 3 months the school started and there's a lot of stories that i haven't tell you. Ukie2 , we start with....

Firstly ,
----> it's about my study
adoiii ~ everything's going well , still i can't master the KIMIA stuff . BUT , i promise i WILL do the best in all subject in my SPM . insyAllah straight A's ! Wish me Luck ! jiayou2 ! fighting maa ~

second ,
----> it's about my GLAMs :))
yeehaa . BlackBerry ? own it ! DSLR ? own it ! IPAD ? ...... , IPAD ??? ... ermm .. don't have. hehe~ waiting for the IPAD3 , realese on 16th March , can't wait oo ~ make up ? change to Etude lerh . minta puji niee ~ :PP

and the third one ,

----> it's about my special one :))
yeah . people now olrdy bhaa . so i just put his acronyms k ! so , me n AFA started to know each other last year . But , of course we have a conversation to get closer then one night ....
he expressed his true feelings which made me doublextra speechless . HOHO~so he asked me , 'Tuan Puteri , would you like to be my special one ? ' Awww ~ what a sweet moment . :)) seriously , i wish our relationship last longer since OUR parents now about us . AMIN YA RABB.
# What ? Do you wanna know his name ? ahh , c'mon . im too shy ! Ukie2 .
His name -->;Amirul Firdaus Bin Hj . Ariff ~ The guy who stole my Heart .

So i guess thats the end of my stories ....
later i tell you some more .
--- اسلامو عليكم ---

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