Saturday, January 7, 2012

Senior year here I come !

Today is the first day writing my blogger in this year ! woooah !
i'm 17 olready ! ~ <----tua suda kau pink! XD

What I want to achieve this year:
~increase my pocket money
~make a new hairstyle ! achh~
~score in SPM! 9A's (insyAllahhh~)
~Driving licence after SPM
~Working as my daddy's PA ! <----kunun! :)
~New looks of course !
~buy a lots of GLAM STUFF - Prada,Guess,Ninewest,Nike,Zara n etc ! XD
~SHOPPPING TILL THE MONEY DRY ! (break your leg looooorh~! == )
~stay beauty la people say! kahkahkah!

The conclusion is...
#This is my mission for this year ! Wish me luck derr~And one thing, I'm not merapu about this since I'm getting old ~ derrr.. Gotta be serious this year oo. SO , i have to struggle to get my life better in the future ! XD

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